Safeway Hires, Promotes Drivers

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Safeway Inc. is one of the largest food and drug retailers in North America. As of March 26, 2005, the company operated 1,801 stores in the Western, Southwestern, Rocky Mountain, and Mid-Atlantic regions of the United States and in western Canada. In support of its stores, Safeway has an extensive network of distribution, manufacturing and food processing facilities.

Safeway owns, produces, ships, and sells three different labels: Safeway, Lucerne and Mrs. Wright's. An additional 1,250 premium products are marketed under the award-winning Safeway SELECT label. Safeway owns 19 fluid milk plants, 16 produce packaging plants, 16 bakeries, 16 ice cream plants, 12 meat cutting and aging plants, 6 egg candling plants, 4 soft drink bottling plants, 3 meat processing plants, 3 coffee roasting plants, 2 jam and jelly plants, an edible oil refinery, a soap plant, and a dressing and salad oil plant. To distribute all these goods, Safeway maintains and 2,100 tractor-trailers, 38 freestanding warehouses, and 25 distribution warehouses. These facilities present exciting job opportunities for work for truck drivers in product distribution.

Safeway offers a 401(k) Plan and Employee Stock Purchase Plan to all employees. In addition, Safeway offers other programs that provide training in everything from specific job duties to leadership and supervisory skills. Safeway takes pride in strengthening the workforce and giving all employees the opportunity for advancement.

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